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To search for the book(s) you require, simply type one or more keywords into the box above (separated by a space or a comma) and click "go". Keywords may be the author's name, title words, ISBN or general subject words eg. Victorian, socialism, labour, women writers, Ireland, North West England, education, housing, philanthropy, medieval, eighteenth century, witchcraft, France, motherhood, religion, Edwardian, London, First World War, rural, autobiographies.

When entering keywords, it may prove fruitful to think laterally and try a variety of words which have the same or similar meanings. For example, when searching for nineteenth century, try as alternatives, Regency, Georgian, Victorian, British Empire, Romantic, industrial, etc. For Poor Law, try poverty, poor, pauper or pauperism. For suffragettes, try suffrage, women's movement, Votes for Women, women and politics, suffragists. For United States, try American, America, United States of America, USA. Think of plurals instead of singulars, and vice versa, as this will produce a different, but no less relevant, set of results.
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