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McPhee, C., & Fitzgerald, A.
The Non-Violent Militant: Selected Writings of Teresa Billington-Greig
(RKP, Women's Source Lib., 1987). Her involvement in the Women's Social & Political Union, the Women's Freedom League and the I.L.P. Hardback. Very good in slightly rubbed dustwrapper. vii + 312pp. Order No. NSBK-C5
Keywords: 0710212321, Teresa Billington-Grieg, writings, militancy, non-violence, suffrage, Votes for Women, history, suffragettes, education, women's movement, Britain, England, English, British, Edwardian
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Enamel Reproduction Suffragette Badge, WSPU Intertwined Insignia.
Women's Social and Political Union, Modern Replica Badge: Intertwined Insignia in White Green and Gold
(Portrayer Publishers, 2004). High quality modern reproduction enamel badge (with epoxy seal). Collectable modern replica of a suffragette badge (originally produced by the WSPU, the Women's Social and Political Union). The letters of the WSPU are intertwined in a lime green blend on a cream background with gold rim. Size: 25mm (1 inch) diameter: Circular shape, vibrant colours. Gold back and safety pin to rear for easy affixing to garments. Presented inside a small poly-bag. Badge. Fine, new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C8508
Keywords: B0032Q2DJA, Christmas gifts, jewellery, jewelry, woman suffrage, the button badge, pin back, pinbacks, pins, suffragette era, suffragettes, women, women's history, woman, woman's history, history, social history, Britain, British history, England, English history, WSPU, Women's Social and Political Union, enamel badges, suffragette jewellery, suffragette jewelry, Edwardian, brooch, brooches, Portrayer Publishers, suffragette ephemera
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Sharp, Evelyn.
Rebel Women:
(Portrayer, 2003 facsimile of the 1st edit. of 1910). A special edition of this highly sought-after work of suffragette fiction, in smart bespoke binding. Walnut finish boards with blue & green head and tail bands. Coloured endpapers. A series of descriptive sketches about the suffragette movement. Hardback. Fine condition. 135pp. Order No. NSBK-C6498
Keywords: 0954476107, suffragettes, suffrage, women's history, Rebel Women, Edwardian, New Woman, Votes for Women, Evelyn Sharp, Britain, British, England, English, enfranchisement, woman suffrage, woman, women writers, fiction, social protest, political women, politics, collector's editions, literature, twentieth century, 20th century, Portrayer, Portrayer's, Portrayer Publishers, fictional, writing, stories, sketches
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Hardwick, Joan.
An Immodest Violet: the Life of Violet Hunt
(Andre Deutsch, 1990). Hardback. Ex library with minimal library stamps and stickers, lacks fly leaf, otherwise good in creased dustwrapper. xvi + 205pp. Order No. NSBK-C6809
Keywords: 0233986391, Joan Hardwick, Violet Hunt, Ford Madox Ford, novelists, women novelists, women writers, free love, sexuality, biographies, biography, Ford Hermann Hueffer, feminist, feminism, feminists, Ezra Pound, suffrage, suffragettes, woman's suffrage, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, literary
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Harrison, Shirley.
Sylvia Pankhurst: A Crusading Life 1882-1960
(Aurum Press, 2003). Hardback. Small stain on top front edge and top of dustwrapper, otherwise very good. viii + 291pp. Order No. NSBK-D7899
Keywords: 9781854109057, Pankhursts, Pugh, politics, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, militants, Edwardian, twentieth century, 20th, Sylvia, Christabel, women's history, Emmeline, the vote, women's rights, the women's movement, emancipation, woman, woman's, womans
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Pankhurst, Emmeline.
Reproduction Suffragette Medal: Emmeline Pankhurst's Holloway Medal
(Portrayer Publishers, 2015). Beautiful suffragette replica medal, a faithful reproduction of the original one awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst after her imprisonment in Holloway prison in 1908. She was charged together with her daughter Christabel Pankhurst, and Flora Drummond (fellow members of the Women's Social and Political Union), with inciting a rush on the House of Commons. The verdict was guilty, and because they refused to pay a fine, they were sent to Holloway Gaol. The date engraved on the front (obverse) of the medal is 8 October 1908 (on a bar at the top), and this is the date of the incident which led to Mrs Pankhurst's imprisonment. The word "Holloway" appears on the bar at the top, and on the medallion itself: "H.2 4", which signifies (Hospital block, 2nd floor, cell 4). On the reverse of the medallion, the words 'Mrs Pankhurst' are engraved, surrounded by a laurel wreath. These details are all true to the original medal of the suffragette era. Materials: Grosgrain ribbon in the famous suffragette colours of purple, white and green (vertical strips). Skin-safe, environmentally-friendly nickel with antique-effect silver plating for an authentic "aged-look". With a safe, secure pin-clasp at the rear. Presented with a free purple velvet gift-pouch which is in turn displayed within an attractive zip-lock gift-bag, clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Dimensions: Medallion: 20mm diameter. Bars: 20mm X 5mm. Ribbon length: 75mm. Total medal length: 110mm. Excellent condition, brand new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15429
Keywords: women's suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette ephemera, replica, reproduction, Mrs Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst, prisons, protest, gaols, jails, criminal justice system, law, medals, medallions, Holloway Prison, Edwardian, woman suffrage, England, London, English, Britain, British, social history, women and politics, political, Votes for Women campaign, women's movement, emblems
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Suffragette Poster, .
Convicts, Lunatics and Women! Have No Vote for Parliament!: She: It is Time I Got Out of this Place - Where Shall I Find the KEY?
(Portrayer Publishers, rpt, 2003). A modern reproduction of this suffragette poster by artist Emily J. Harding Andrews. (Originally published by the Artists' Suffrage League). Printed with archival inks on premium paper (300 GSM, Silk Art, photographic print). Poster (in brown, gold and cream sepia) shows an educated woman, wearing cap and gown, and standing inside locked gates with a convict and a "lunatic". Two books lean against the gates from the outside. Size of the paper is 450mm x 320mm and image is approx 435mm x 305mm. Poster. Brand new, fine. pp. Order No. NSBK-C6876
Keywords: B001F3GY7Y, Portrayer Publishers, suffragettes, suffragette poster, suffragette posters, Votes for Women, woman suffrage, history, women, enfranchisement, franchise, women's movement, politics, England, English, cartoons, suffrage, politics, anti-suffrage, male attitudes, images, imagery, women, women's, representations, pictures, poster, posters, enfranchisement, the franchise, reproductions, modern reproductions, print, prints, convicts, lunatics, convict, lunatic, Emily J. Harding Andrews, Artists' Suffrage League, Britain, British, Christmas gifts, suffragette ephemera
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John, Angela V.
Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869 - 1955
(MUP, 2009). Paperback. Fine, as new. xv + 281pp. Order No. NSBK-D14266
Keywords: 9780719080159, suffrage, suffragettes, suffragists, politics, political, rights, women's rights, women's movement, Votes for Women, woman, women's history, women's studies, women's suffrage, Evelyn Sharp, biography, biographies, children's authors, women writers, Henry W. Nevinson, schoolgirl fiction, Manchester Guardian, Weimar Germany, famine, Soviet Russia, journalists, journalism, Victorian, Edwardian, nineteenth century, 19th, Rebel Women, Angela V. John
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Hollis, Patricia.
Ladies Elect: Women in English Local Government, 1865-1914
(Clarendon, reprint, 1989). Out-of-print. Very scarce. Paperback. Light soiling to page edges and light denting to covers, otherwise very good. xx + 533pp. Order No. NSBK-C836
Keywords: 0198221576, Britain, British, England, English, Patricia Hollis, local authority, council, councils, local councils, women, woman, suffrage, suffragette, suffragettes, district council, district councils, philanthropy, philanthropist, philanthropists, local government, municipal, women's suffrage, womens suffrage, woman's suffrage, women's emancipation, women's rights, history, election, elections, school board, school boards, poor law board, poor law boards, local authorities, local authority
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Brown, Heloise.
The Truest Form of Patriotism: Pacifist Feminism in Britain, 1870 - 1902
(MUP, 2003). Hardback. A little bumping to top and bottom edges, otherwise very good. viii + 199pp. Order No. NSBK-C14371
Keywords: 0719065305, pacifism, pacifists, feminism, history, Heloise Brown, Victorian, 19th century, nineteenth century, Priscilla Peckover, Ellen Robinson, women's suffrage, peace associations, Anglo-Boer War, Boer War, philanthropy, international diplomacy, suffragettes
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