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Bennett, Daphne.
Emily Davies and the Liberation of Women, 1830-1921:
(Andre Deutsch, 1990). Hardback. Very good in dustwrapper. 279pp. Order No. NSBK-C733
Keywords: 0233984941, suffragettes, suffrage, suffragism, votes for women, women's rights, feminism, British, Britain, England, English, history, education, higher education, adult education, nineteenth century, Victorian, women's education, women's movement, Emily Davies, Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, Elizabeth Blackwell, Girton College, Cambridge University, universities, university education, Girton, founder, founders
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Pankhurst, Emmeline.
Reproduction Suffragette Medal: Emmeline Pankhurst's Holloway Medal
(Portrayer Publishers, 2015). Beautiful suffragette replica medal, a faithful reproduction of the original one awarded to Emmeline Pankhurst after her imprisonment in Holloway prison in 1908. She was charged together with her daughter Christabel Pankhurst, and Flora Drummond (fellow members of the Women's Social and Political Union), with inciting a rush on the House of Commons. The verdict was guilty, and because they refused to pay a fine, they were sent to Holloway Gaol. The date engraved on the front (obverse) of the medal is 8 October 1908 (on a bar at the top), and this is the date of the incident which led to Mrs Pankhurst's imprisonment. The word "Holloway" appears on the bar at the top, and on the medallion itself: "H.2 4", which signifies (Hospital block, 2nd floor, cell 4). On the reverse of the medallion, the words 'Mrs Pankhurst' are engraved, surrounded by a laurel wreath. These details are all true to the original medal of the suffragette era. Materials: Grosgrain ribbon in the famous suffragette colours of purple, white and green (vertical strips). Skin-safe, environmentally-friendly nickel with antique-effect silver plating for an authentic "aged-look". With a safe, secure pin-clasp at the rear. Presented with a free purple velvet gift-pouch which is in turn displayed within an attractive zip-lock gift-bag, clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Dimensions: Medallion: 20mm diameter. Bars: 20mm X 5mm. Ribbon length: 75mm. Total medal length: 110mm. Excellent condition, brand new. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15429
Keywords: women's suffrage, suffragettes, suffragette ephemera, replica, reproduction, Mrs Pankhurst, Emmeline Pankhurst, prisons, protest, gaols, jails, criminal justice system, law, medals, medallions, Holloway Prison, Edwardian, woman suffrage, England, London, English, Britain, British, social history, women and politics, political, Votes for Women campaign, women's movement, emblems
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Randall, Vicky.
Women and Politics:
(Macmillan, 1982). Paperback. Spine faded, with a newspaper review pasted to endpapers, otherwise good. x + 227pp. Order No. NSBK-C8754
Keywords: 0333307143, political, politics, women, political, feminism, feminist policy-making, women's movement
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Stowell, Sheila.
A Stage of their Own: Feminist Playwrights of the Suffrage Era
(MUP, 1992). Hardback. Very good in slightly creased dustwrapper. vi + 170pp. Order No. NSBK-C200
Keywords: 0719036771, suffrage, suffragette, suffragist, feminist, feminism, playwright, drama, theatre, women writers, woman writer, Women's Movement, Edwardian, women's history, plays, New Woman, suffragettes, woman suffrage, women's suffrage
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Elliot, Faith Robertson.
The Family: Change or Continuity:
(Macmillan Education, 1989). Paperback. Spine faded, otherwise very good. xi + 235pp. Order No. NSBK-C9678
Keywords: 0333329708, family, families, women's studies, feminism, feminists, women, woman, women's movement, children, twentieth century, 20th, child, abortion, marriage, parenthood, parents
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Wandersee, Winifred D.
On the Move: American Women in the 1970s
(Twayne, 1988). Paperback. Spine lightly creased / faded, otherwise good. xvii + 259pp. Order No. NSBK-C15229
Keywords: 9780805799101, USA, American, America, women's movement, emancipation
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NUWSS Supporters' Badge, Suffragist Suffragette.
Enamel Reproduction NUWSS Suffragist Suffragette Stick-Pin Badge / Brooch:
(Portrayer Publishers, 2018). NUWSS Supporters' Badge. Enamel Reproduction NUWSS Suffragette Stick-Pin Badge / Brooch, a Faithful Replica of the Original By Portrayer Publishers. High-quality modern reproduction enamel badge, brand new. Size: Badge circle diameter: 22mm. Length - badge and stick pin together -55mm. This badge is a replica of an original of the period, an enamel badge issued by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, NUWSS, displaying the organisation's official colours of red, white and green. The text reads: National Union of Womens Suffrage Societies Constitutional Non Party. Attaches to clothes safely by the stick-pin, the bottom of which - the bell cap - pushes on firmly. The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, NUWSS, also known as the Suffragists, was an organisation of women's suffrage societies in the United Kingdom. The organisation was democratic, and devoted itself to achieving women's suffrage - the Vote for Women - through peaceful and legal means. The badge / brooch comes with a free attractive purple velvet gift pouch. Presented within a lovely gift bag which is clear at the front and shiny silver at the rear. Brand new, excellent condition. pp. Order No. NSBK-C15560
Keywords: Christmas gifts, jewellery, jewelry, woman suffrage, button badge, pin back, badges, pinback, suffragette era, pins, suffragettes, suffragist activity, suffragists, women, women's history, woman, history, social history, Britain, British history, England, English history, NUWSS, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, enamel badges, suffragette jewellery, suffragette jewelry, brooch, brooches, women's movement, Portrayer Publishers, suffragette ephemera, replica, reproduction
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Suffragettes, DVD format.
The Suffragettes: the Story of Emmeline Pankhurst
(Pegasus Entertainment, 2006 DVD release of 1994 recording). PAL format DVD. Number of discs: 1. Classification: Exempt. Run Time: 52 minutes. DVD. New, fine condition, in cellophane. pp. Order No. NSBK-C13723
Keywords: B000HLDAG8, Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhursts, feminism, feminists, feminist history, Votes for women, suffragettes, suffrage movement, Britain, British History, Edwardian, women and politics, Women's Social and Political Union, WSPU, England, Britain, history, England, English, British, woman suffrage, women's suffrage, Christabel Pankhurst, E. Sylvia Pankhurst, NUWSS, National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, franchise, enfranchisement, Asquith, gender, socialist, socialists, socialism, World War I, First World War, Great War, Annie Kenney, prisons, television programmes, television programme, TV, Christmas gifts, dvds, dvd, DVD, Pegasus Entertainment, teaching aids, suffragette ephemera
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Davies, Emily.
The Higher Education of Women:
(Portrayer, 2002 facsimile reprint of 1866 edition). A nicely-presented, good-value facsimile of this crucial text. Paperback. New book, fine. 191pp. Order No. NSBK-C6300
Keywords: 0954263294, Sarah Emily Davies, Emily Davies, education, social history, women's history, higher education, further education, adult education, Portrayer, Portrayer Publishers, facsimiles, Girton, Girton College, Cambridge, Oxbridge, undergraduates, careers, girls, woman suffrage, suffrage, suffragettes, Hitchin, Hitchin College, John Stuart Mill, women's careers, Higher Education of Women, female, woman, learning, pedagogy, teaching, teachers, teacher, universities, university education, educationalists, educationalist, pioneers, pioneer, rights for women, women's movement, women's rights, emancipation of women, professional women, training, enfranchisement, Victorian, nineteenth century, new title
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Ostrogorski, M.
The Rights of Woman: A Comparative Study in History and Legislation
(Porcupine Press, rpt, 1980). Translated under the author's supervision. Hardback. Very good. xv + 232pp. Order No. NSBK-C3402
Keywords: 0879919604, rights for women, women's rights, suffrage, vote, Votes for Women, Women's Movement, Europe, European history, nineteenth century, Victorian, Women's history, Scandinavia, France, England, United States, America, Finland, Germany, Austria, Russia, women and politics, Ostrogorski
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